Videos of YouTubers Reacting to Bill Burr (Explicit Language)

I’m one of the fortunate souls who has a medical authorization to medicate with cannabis. While I appreciate the benefits I get from this medicine, it can get old always smoking by myself. As much as I’d like to invite my friends over, people in their thirties only have multiple friends in movies. Anyway, I’ve found a workaround by watching reaction videos on YouTube. It sort of feels like I’m chilling with friends and we’re having a smoke sesh.

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The Year is 2020.

bored man

Life just flies by, doesn’t it? One day you’re a teenager wishing you’d grow up already. Before you know it, you’re in your mid-30s with a spouse and kids, wondering how it all happened so fast. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. They’re awesome and they make me incredibly happy. It still all feels like a blur that just sort of…came out of nowhere.

Which brings me to this blog. It’s now 2020, and though I never really gave any weight to resolutions, I’ve decided to actually do something this year. Maybe it’s just the nice round number, or the realization that I’ve been on auto-pilot for way to long, but I’m doing things differently this year. I’ve had this account for years and have never really done anything with it. That changes today. Welcome to my new blog. Bookmark this link and check back regularly. There’s no theme here. It’s just the place where I’ll discuss the different things I’ve thinking about, learning, reading, writing, etc.

Stick around and let’s see where this goes.